choosing health insurance

Are short-term medical plans right for you?

You may have come across short-term medical plans as you are shopping around for affordable health insurance options but weren't sure if these types of plans are right for you.

Do one of the following apply to you?

  • Are you between jobs?
  • Self-employed or a 1099 worker?
  • Early retiree not yet eligible for Medicare?
  • Unable to afford COBRA rates?
  • Don’t qualify for a tax subsidy with the Affordable Care Act?

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Becoming a High-Potential Employee

Organizations have limited resources when investing in their people. Many do not put nearly enough dollars in their learning and development budgets and in times of economic pressure, many organizations cut these budgets. Even the companies that are committed to employees as their first priority are only investing in certain populations; primarily “High-Potential” employees.

So how does an organization identify its High-Potentials or “HiPos”?

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